Troop 112 Jacobstown N.J. would not be Possible without the Support of Adult Volunteers. this page is a small Thank You to them.

Black Active Members Red Inactive Members

A * next to the Adults name means Adult is a Eagle Scout

Scoutmaster Chris Giordano

Asst. Scoutmasters, Frank Alpeza, Glenn Kenny, Josh Knighten* Ben Knighten*, Ron Knighten, Ethan Snyder, Ed Struzyski & Robert Swinger Cody Willever

Committee Chairman Duane Hines*

Committee Members 

 William Chappell, Mrs. .Chismar, Ron Dresslove Advancement & Webmaster,  William Liedtka Troop Equipment, Duane Hines*  Donald Mayue, , Jennifer W Quinlan Secretary, James Puvel Treasurer,  , Roger Smith, Barbara Sprowl,  Denise Swinger Transportation, Heather Tuller, & Clifford Willever 

Chartered Representative * Robert Swinger

Minister Robert Russell

Rose of Sharon Lutheran Church

Last Updated Jan. 19, 2015 RYD